Katie Jolly - Jolly Mediation - Family Mediator

Mediation costs less, is fast and above all is a fair way to resolve your differences.

How much does mediation cost? …

Mediation is a cost-effective way of reaching agreements after separation and is encouraged before resorting to solicitors and courts, as it is cheaper and faster and normally results in a way forward that is fair and practical. It also keeps discussions private avoiding the damaging publicity of a legal battle.

All our fees are outlined below; there are no hidden extras. Services below can be mixed and matched to meet your own particular needs. Payments to Jolly Mediation can be made online by BACS (our bank details will be on your invoice).

Step 1: Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM)

This gives you an opportunity to tell us something of the background to your situation and how things currently stand. We can help you think through a range of possible ways forward and decide the best way for you to try to resolve your dispute. We can also give you information on many other sources of help and advice.

If you are considering asking the court to make an order in a family matter you will be required to attend a MIAM meeting. An authorised mediator will sign the relevant court forms to confirm your attendance at this meeting should it be required.

Step 2: Joint/shuttle mediation meeting

All preparation time and the writing of session outcome statements are included in our face-to-face time cost. Mediation meetings last 1½ hours (shuttle last 2 hours).


Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM)
£120 per person
MIAM certificate for court purposes (e.g. FM1/Form A/C100)
Joint mediation meetings (1½ hours)
£180 per person per session
Shuttle mediation meetings (2 hours)
£240 per person per session - plus cost of additional room hire (unless virtual)
Child Inclusive Mediation (CIM) consultation + 30 minute feedback session
£125 per consultation
Preparation of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) & Open Statement of Financial Information (OFS)
£180 per person
Preparation of statement of child arrangements/parenting plan
£120 per person