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So what happens if Mediation is not possible or breaks down?

Talking about the practicalities of separation, divorce or parenting can be really difficult. Sometimes couples just can't agree how to move forward.…

Help and advice on filling in the forms is available from the CA (Citizens Advice), online through Advice Now or from your solicitor.

  • If mediation is not considered suitable or if the other party is unwilling to attend a MIAM, you can ask us to sign the relevant court forms in order to make an application to the courts.
  • If either party decides not to proceed with mediation after a MIAM, or if mediation breaks down with issues unresolved, either party can ask for the relevant court forms to be signed.
  • Court forms can be obtained at the Family Court or are available to download
  • Help and advice on filling in the forms is available from the CA (Citizens Advice) or online through Advice Now (see page 2 for details of both) or from your solicitor.
  • For advice about finding and using a family law solicitor see: www.resolution.org.uk and the Law Society
  • For help with taking a case to court without a solicitor, Support Through Court
  • For guidance on representing yourself at court
  • You can check which court to send your form to here (note, see below for link to apply online for child arrangements)

Court forms…

  • Child Arrangements. If your case is about, or includes, arrangements for children, then you will need to apply using the C100 form. The mediator signs page 9 of this form. More details and to check if you can apply online are on the government's .gov.uk website:
  • Parental Responsibility. If you do not have Parental Responsibility for the child and you wish to apply for this then you will need to complete a C1 form. The mediator will provide an FM1 form to accompany this application.
  • Financial Matters. If you are divorcing and need to apply for the court to decide on financial matters between you then you must complete a Form A. The mediator will sign page 12 of this form. If you are unmarried then you may need to seek legal advice about what you could apply for through the courts.
  • The costs of the application to court are covered by the applicant. If you are on certain benefits, or on a low income, you may be able to get help with the court fees
  • It is a requirement of the Family Court that someone intending to apply for an order in the Family Court should try to negotiate an agreement before taking the next step of applying for a court order.
  • Please note that an application to court has to be made within 4 months from the date of the MIAM, or if mediation is attempted, from the last session of mediation. An application made outside this time may require you to attend further MIAM.

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